We Need Your Support!

Medina Volunteer Fire Department Information

Bandera County honors the effort we make, but does not provide any financial assistance, training, or support services. County property taxes collected in Medina do not fund the volunteer fire department. We rely entirely on the generosity of those we protect and serve. It can be a challenge to operate a fire department in a rural area as resources can be in short supply. Keeping volunteers trained is a constant challenge. It’s taken many years and a lot of fundraising, but we’re finally close to reaching our goal to expand our station.

With the added equipment comes the need to find additional volunteer fire fighters. There are no paid members in our volunteer department. Fire fighters on the Medina crew leave their paid jobs to respond to a neighbor’s call for help. It’s not uncommon for these dedicated souls to forgo their normal means of income to respond to an incident, but they answer your calls with great pride and a genuine sense of urgency.

We’re constantly evaluating ways to defray the costs these men and women absorb because they are often this community’s first and only line of defense and make the difference between good and bad outcomes. All of these initiatives require money. Last year, about 1 in 3 Medina residents made a financial contribution. County wide, 1 in 5 land owners honored our effort to protect their property with their financial support. Many donate after they’ve had an emergency requiring support. We appreciate any support, but we need more to consistently equip a trained fire crew.
Please consider an annual donation based on the following formula; if you own property in the 78055 zip code, please think about donating $50 per every $100,000 of fair market value. This would approximate the amount of money needed to support our department costs. For non-property owners, a gift of $25 per household would assist to insure that our volunteers have the resources necessary to respond.

Overview of the Department

The department has 18 trained volunteers and 20 support members. The officers and directors administer and oversee all departmental operations. Ten crew members have Fire Fighter I skills for structure and wildfire suppression. Three crew members are certified at level II and our chief and assistant chief are certified to level III with advanced suppression skills specific to chemical and petroleum fires. Several crew members are going to re-certify at high angle and swift water rescue. Medical care in the first 60 minutes, referred to as the “Golden Hour”, greatly impacts the outcome of medical emergencies like stroke, heart attack, and trauma injuries. Having five EMTs based in Medina improves the response time and provides the life saving techniques required prior to the arrival of Life Flight or Bandera County EMS.

Progressive Efforts and Benefits to Property Owners

Our progressive efforts were noticed by those in the rescue industry who assess risk. Insurance Services Office, or ISO, performs a Public Protection Classification survey in which Medina’s fire department participates. ISO is the leading supplier of statistical, underwriting, and actuarial data for the property/casualty insurance industry. Our department has been notified that as a result of community investments in fire suppression and water delivery our assessment of risk classification is now a 6/9 rating, down from an 8/9 rating. Medina’s fire suppression & water delivery is now equivalent with 77.2% of the country’s fire protection. The risk assessment concentrates on three areas: fire alarm and communication 10%, fire department equipment and pumping capacity 50%, and water supply system 40%. The cost to insure property decreases as our ISO rating decreases. You save money because you support our mission.

MVFD 2022 Goals:

  • Provide outstanding service to the community and the 386 square mile service area.
  • Maintain safety and effectiveness of members so they can best accomplish that mission.
  • Continue training all Firefighters in advanced rescue.
  • Properly maintain Fire Department and EMT equipment and vehicles to ensure safety and responsiveness.
  • Maintain strength by effectively recruiting Firefighters and support members.