2019 Gun Award Schedule Coming Soon!

We will be publishing the order in which the guns will be awarded for the 2019 Raffle SOON, so stay tuned!


    • Lisa Knight

      Mauricio, the 2019 Raffle ticket drawing can not begin until all 1000 tickets are sold. We will announce on Facebook and this website when the drawings are going to begin. After all 1000 are sold the Texas Lotto pick three Monday “day” drawing determines the winning ticket number for 52 weeks. After each drawing someone from our department will call each winner to let them know the won a firearm. We also post the winning numbers on the MVFD Facebook and this website. We appreciate your support!

  • Alan Dearden

    Ya need a remaining ticket counter on your webpage. So everyone that has a 2019 raffle ticket can see how many are left before drawing starts. & yes, I have a ticket, bought it back in Feburary.

    • Lisa Knight

      Wish we could, but unfortunately when we sell tickets both online and with about 6 other people it makes it very difficult to know how many each individual has sold at any given point in time.

  • Kirk Eddleman

    Lisa, i purchased my 2019 raffle ticket online in August. I got an email receipt confirmation but I never received the email with my raffle numbers. Can you please send that to me? Thank you!

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